Jarpol Company acts on road construction market since December 1994.

Efficient organization, professional and specialist performance made it possible for us to constitute a Limited liability company.

The company’s further development made Jarpol transform into a joint stock company since April 2000 and it currently acts under the name:


The company has modern equipment, vehicles, machines and devices at its disposal which guarantee productive, efficient and ecological realization of the investments.

We employ highly qualified specialists (engineers, technicians, drivers, equipment and machine operators, pavers and road workers) as well as we co-operate with a group of companies concentrated on providing the above mentioned services.
Funding from WFOSiGW
Budownictwo Drogowe Jarpol S.A. (Jarpol Road Construction, a joint-stock company) has received funding for the purchase and installation of heat pumps up to 160kW from the WFOSiGW ...
Expansion of the provincial road ...
Budownictwo Drogowe Jarpol S.A. is fulfilling the contract for the long-awaited expansion of provincial ...
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