Funding from WFOSiGW
Budownictwo Drogowe Jarpol S.A. (Jarpol Road Construction, a joint-stock company) has received funding for the purchase and installation of heat pumps up to 160kW from the WFOSiGW (Regional Fund of Environmental Protection and Water Management) in Warsaw, in the form of a grant, in the net amount of 56 812.80 PLN.

Expansion of the provincial road between Warsaw and Gora Kalwaria

Budownictwo Drogowe Jarpol S.A. is fulfilling the contract for the long-awaited expansion of provincial road no. 724. The development will affect the entire length, from the boundary of Warsaw to the junction with the national road No. 79 in Gora Kalwaria (17 km / 10.6 miles). The investment was added to the list of the Mazowieckie Province's key projects. The project is being undertaken as a result of the Regional Operational Programme for the Mazowieckie Province for 2007-2013.

The project's value is estimated at approximately 55 million PLN. The work for the contract is being completed by a consortium of firms, including Budownictwo Drogowe Jarpol S.A. and PRM Mosty Łódź S.A. After the reconstruction, there will be a dual carriageway leading from Konstancin to Warsaw. The scope of road works also includes the replacement of the utilities infrastructure (electricity grid, gas mains, telecommunications networks, etc.), building of pedestrian and bicycle routes in Konstancin, and pavements in the villages between Warsaw and Gora Kalwaria. The existing roundabouts in Konstancin will be reconstructed, and traffic islands with traffic lights built at the junctions with Borowa Street and the exit to the office of Polskie Sieci Elektroenergetyczne (Poland's National Grid Operator).

Road works will begin with the construction of a second lane stretching from Warsaw to Mirkowskiego Street in Konstancin. At this stage localised narrowing of the road is possible. Upon completion of this work, the contactor will rebuild the old lane, and the traffic will be redirected to the new section of the road. At the same time works will be carried out in Turowice, Kaweczyn and Moczydlowie. From spring next year, drivers will face additional traffic difficulties due to the construction of a bridge over the Jeziorka river. Simultaneously, work will be carried out in other locations in Konstancin and Gora Kalwaria. The work is scheduled to be completed in April 2012.

Gepard Biznesu 2008 for Jarpol S.A.

Jarpol S.A. (Jarpol Road Construction, a joint-stock company) has found itself in the "Most dynamic small and medium-sized enterprises of the masovian voivodeship – Small Business Cheetahs 2008 of the Masovian Voivodeship (with income during the year 2005 smaller than 40 mln PLN) market value during the period from 31.03.2006 until 31.03.2008 r. increased by 20 percent and more".


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Gazela Biznesu 2007 for Jarpol S. A.
Budownictwo Drogowe Jarpol Spółka Akcyjna (Jarpol Road Construction, a joint-stock company) has found itself for the second time already in the prestigious circle of winners of the Business Gazelle 2007 competition.

The ranking is organized by the editorial team of the ”Puls Biznesu” daily in cooperation with Coface Poland, a credit agency. 3795 companies from all over Poland have qualified for this year’s edition of the Business Gazelle ranking.

Budownictwo Drogowe Jarpol S.A. has taken a high, 642nd place in the ranking.

The fast and stable development of the company has been appreciated. It was checked how payment obligations to business partners, employees, the Social Insurance Institution and tax offices are performed.

The Business Gazelle title is granted to enterprises that also observe high ethical standards in relations with Clients and Business Partners.

ISO 9001 in Jarpol S. A.
The dynamic development of Jarpol S.A. Company has been noticed and appreciated by Polish Agency for Enterprise Development.

Jarpol S.A. Company obtained the bailout for the introduction of the quality management system ISO 9001 from SPOWKP programme – action 2.1.

In addition, the purchase of equipment within the program "The increase of small and medium enterprises competitiveness" from SPOWKP program - action 2.3 was also included in the Union bailout.

Gazela Biznesu 2006 for Jarpol S. A.
Another prestigious distinction of Jarpol S.A. Company is the title "Gazela Biznesu 2006" for the most dynamically developing companies, organized by "Puls Biznesu" magazine.

ISO 9001
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